Regular working hours in Eastern Europe are 9 AM – 5 PM, English fluency is standard, and customer interests are protected by quality assurance and NDAs. Technology companies in the region stand out for their commitment to finding solutions and providing ongoing support and project consulting. We follow the best app development practices to provide clients with high-grade products in the shortest time. When you have approved all the documents, they pass to the development team. The software is created in several sprints; the project manager puts a particular module of the future application on each sprint. You can fully control the entire process and make changes if necessary.

Of course, finding the right people means finding software developers who can communicate effectively. Poland, the Czech Republic, and Croatia are all rated high for English proficiency – bringing competent developers and effective communicators is easy from a lot of countries within Europe. The dollar buys also more than a euro, so many software developers are looking to the West.

How to Save Budget in Offshore Software Development

The level of English proficiency in the Czech Republic is high – the country is ranked 23rd in the EF English Proficiency Index. The Czech Republic has 70 universities, and more than 16,000 computer science professionals graduate yearly. Poland ranks 13th in the world and 11th in Europe on the EF English Proficiency Index, while almost 100% of professionals in the IT market speak English .

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Currently, there are more than 1.8 million IT professionals in Eastern Europe. While that may not be as many as in India , the region does boast better quality. You’ll see in the above table that nations in the region, like Croatia, Serbia, and Latvia, dominate the list of high productivity ratios in the IT sector. This metric tells you the value you get from a country’s labor force in proportion to the investment. The higher it is, the more value-for-money developers in that country are.

Company culture

In addition, nations in the same region tend to share a similar language and culture to yours, which makes communication and cooperation more seamless. Also, there are many offshore locations in which a lack of English fluency can hamper clear communication. For example, an American developer’s average salary ranges from $75 to $150.

In 2021, the 50 largest Ukrainian IT companies grew their headcounts by 10,000 professionals. Eastern European countries are not only home to some of the brightest IT talents, but also offer a thriving environment for tech companies of all sizes. Multinational giants have set up R&Ds in the region billed as the Silicon Valley of Europe. The region is also home to many successful startups, Grammarly, GitLab, The difference in time zones between Eastern and Western European countries is almost insignificant.

Eastern Europe: the Software Development Hotspot of Tomorrow?

So let’s figure out how much software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe costs and how it differs among the regions. Companies are turning to the outsourcing model instead of in-house hiring in a bid to save costs and access to a greater talent pool. Eastern European top software development companies in Ukraine, Poland or Romania have solidified their positions as solid IT hubs. As a consequence, more and more international companies are choosing to hire developers from abroad to fill the gap. However, they do not want to outsource services to Asia or South America, where they would face the time difference, language barrier and questionable quality. Thus, nearshoring to Eastern Europe has become one of the most popular business models, developing the region at an incredible rate.

A classic offshoring example is an American company partnering with a freelance developer in India. But for most Western clients, Eastern Europe could be a better choice. It offers the advantage of outsourcing without most of the complications of offshoring. We headhunt developers globally; that means you can expect candidates within two weeks or less and at a great value.

Lower Cost of Living in Europe

In the single case, the salary will vary depending on the experience, responsibilities and work arrangements. For example, for Python developers, the lowest average salary is in Ukraine ($27,780) and the highest in The Czech Republic ($43,299). Likewise, for JavaScript developers, the lowest rate is in Ukraine ($26,400) and the highest in Czech ($40,549). The Romanian government promoted multiple tax incentives for companies providing software development services. As a result, companies like Microsoft, Ericsson, HP, or Huawei started hiring in the country, contributing to their IT market’s fast growth.

  • There are over 80,000 developers skilled in JavaScript, HTML, Python, Java, PHP, SQL, and React.
  • The company made its own contribution to projects of globally-known corporations including Siemens, S&P Global, Ryanair, IHS Markit, TUI, Johnson & Johnson, T-Systems, and others.
  • The company serves clients all over the world in more than 40 countries.
  • In Vilnius, though, the rates may reach up to $99 per working hour.
  • With this document, you will have to define the framework of your cooperation – either time-and-material or fixed price.
  • However, when it comes to Eastern European programmers, there are other elements to consider.

In Vilnius, though, the rates may reach up to $99 per working hour. It doesn’t even matter if you live in a million-person city – the competition in the IT market is pretty high, so be prepared to spend some time looking for the right candidate. Actually, the hunt for qualified software developers may last for months. Outsourcing comes to the rescue when you need to find developers in a few days. There may be plenty of top-rated developers in your country ready to build a first-class app. You’ll have to make do with one solution – web or mobile – or look for more investments.

Roles and Responsibilities of Dedicated Development Team in Eastern Europe

Therefore, the official statistics generally incorporate the number of employees in IT and Communications. Among IT sector employees, the figures also include Q&A engineers, designers, business analysts, project and product managers. Ranked in the top 10 for technical proficiency, making Eastern Europe a cutting-edge region for reskilling technical talent. Web development implies creating interactive web pages while iOS and Android developers are building mobile applications for given operating systems. Please, remember, that hiring a senior developer with exceptional skills will always cost more than average.

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Taxes, insurances, and other legal costs amount to 35% of the overall pay, so you will be paying a significant amount for allowances that aren’t part of the actual net salary. Despite this fact, the Australian software development industry still demonstrates impressive results. According toIBIS World research, the industry grows by 3.1% yearly. Depending on the points mentioned above, offshore development rates will also differ. However, it does not mean that the service quality will depend only on the prices. In 2018, the number of software developers was 23 million, and it is expected thatby the end of 2024, it will grow to 28.7 million.