Then identify the market need before any healthcare mobile app development services. Our healthcare mobile apps for patients, create services specifically curated to help you get the best results from the product. As your healthcare app development is unique, estimating the exact cost is a hard nut to crack. The mobile apps following these healthcare app development trends will become smarter, resulting in better business opportunities along with promoting human health and welfare. Healthcare app developers can gain inspiration from some of the biggest names in digital and mobile healthcare applications available right now. Quality assurance is a must-do step in medical mobile application development.

  • Check our article to find more about the development of diet and nutrition apps.
  • Others provide tools for tracking nutrition and physical activity, making it easier for users to monitor their progress towards health and fitness goals.
  • Some are useful to improve and personalize your user experience with all the frills and the way our website works.
  • Social media is essential to building an audience and can increase the number of downloads while being cost-effective.
  • To enable safe, seamless, and efficient communication among them, you should allow this process via APIs.

Therefore, healthcare applications hold the great responsibility of keeping this data safe. The ability to chat with a doctor inside an app will make services faster and will help build trustworthy relations between patients and healthcare service providers. Payment features allow medical device software development users to pay for healthcare services or insurance. Payments may also be made for regular bills for doctor visits, emergency rooms, hospital admissions, etc. The best approach to any healthcare project is to begin with the first working version of a fully-fledged system.

Build apps that can be integrated within the healthcare ecosystem

Comparing the prices for services and developing a healthcare mobile app, we find that Ukraine has the lowest hourly rates. The healthcare app offers one of the best medical visual libraries and uses telehealth technology to ensure smart search algorithms and virtual hospital apps for patients. Example Epocrates is a mobile healthcare app with several services for patient management and point of care. The generation of revenue through subscription-based mobile health apps for patients. Like every other competitive industry, healthcare is evolving, and user feedback plays a vital role in enhancing your app’s functionality. We actively listen to user feedback and collaborate with you to implement new features, optimize performance, and ensure the app remains up-to-date with the latest industry standards and regulations.

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You can mine Dogecoins, see how a new sofa fits in your room before buying it, control your thermostat from afar, or get your coffee ordered by chatbots. This is how the power of mobile apps transforms the way we handle things in 2018. So if you were looking for a chance to catch up on app trends, the time is now.

Top 5 Successful Healthcare Apps

The developers split the task amongst themselves appropriately and set an acceptable deadline. Think holistically about which software technologies are starting to fade out and which grow in adoption or are mature with a good ecosystem and strong proof points. You don’t want to choose a tech stack that is so novel that it poses risks. Lean toward something that has been deemed “tried-and-true” and is trustworthy. However, this doesn’t mean you have to go with some old legacy technology.

They sought clear data visualization and health updates based on various categories, such as physical, mental, family, etc. They wanted to connect the doctor, caregiver, care recipient, and family members of the patient to stay connected for supporting good health and quality of life of the care recipient. OSP Labs has been a leading developer of a wide range of technology solutions aimed at the healthcare industry. Here, we offer a glimpse into some of our successful applications developed for specific organizations, and the impact they had. If you are looking for a company to build a healthcare application tailored to your needs, it is important to know how to choose the right one.

Wellness App

For instance, the average cost for mobile app development in Ukraine is $40/hour while the same level of service and expertise is available at $100 to $200 in the USA or Europe. The price to build an MDP for a healthcare application starts at $60,000 per single platform . HIPAA compliance is a must when it comes to building a healthcare app for the US market. This function allows users to book a doctor visit or appointments with healthcare specialists easily. It is also possible to schedule a drug prescription, sleeping times, water consumption targets, etc.

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A continuity plan must be in place to maintain and update the app throughout its lifecycle. Technology changes rapidly, operating systems update, and smartphone manufacturers develop and release multiple new phone models annually. The request to “build an app” does not accurately convey that app development is a process that does not end with an app launch. Despite the advances in medical technology and the increased availability of mobile app solutions in medicine, there are major misconceptions among clinicians involved in building a mobile app (Fig.1).


This ensures that patient data is easily exchanged between different platforms, providing a more comprehensive view of their health. Without integration, the scope and utility of healthcare solutions are limited, hindering the ability to offer better care and improve the patient experience. As such, integration is a top priority for medical application development companies. I bet even without these numbers, everyone can say that health is a top priority, especially in light of recent events. As the number of mHealth users is growing, the demand for healthcare mobile app development is inevitable.

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We built the system architecture and functionality with the GDPR and UK healthcare regulations in mind, including the CQC and MHRA. The developed SaaS platform allows for 24/7 access to general practitioners and clinicians, video and audio consultations, and convenient appointment booking. There are several aspects that can help you segment your target audience.

Experience and Size of the Development Team

The fewer app features you add and the simpler design you make, the cheaper the app development cost will be. For example, developing a simple health app that calculates distance and calories will fit even the minimal development budget. Improved data accuracy and security are just two of the many benefits that blockchain technology can provide to the healthcare industry.

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In the process, it is necessary to comply with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and other specifics. Get your mobile app development budget straight with our ultimate guide to the app development cost. If you are looking for a customized healthcare solution, it is time to contact us. Choosing Velvetech as a software vendor will smoothly guide you through the development process of a competitive mHealth application. Once the app is launched, it must be closely monitored for bugs, unforeseen issues for users, and ever-increasing software versions.